• Are you ready for April 21st? We're taking on HIV and AIDS head on, and we're not going down without a fight. It's gonna get rough, tough, and downright dirty... Have you got what it takes?

  • AIDS Walk Run

    Excellus BCBS reaches out to all segments of the communities they serve, particularly the poor and aged and others who are underserved, to enhance quality of life, including health status.

  • AIDS Walk Run

    Patterson's Punisher is going to challenge your muscle endurance, strength, conditioning, coordination, balance, speed, and agility but, most of all, your will to succeed! Stop by and test your skills. I look forward to seeing what you've got!

  • AIDS Walk Run

    I feel very committed to the staff of STAP. They really helped me by utilizing my talents. Rather than feeling sick, today my health is excellent and I feel I can continue to plan for a long life with a home and children.

What's Your Challenge?

5K Walk

The 5k Walk

You are an ally. Bring on the
rain, snow, wind or sleet.
We got you covered.

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5K Run

The 5k Run

You are a guardian. Rain, snow,
wind or sleet, you have no fear.
You want hills and a challenge.

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Paterson's Punisher

Patterson's Punisher

You are a defender and a walk or run
is just a warmup. You want to get
dirty and need a real challenge.

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5k Run Champs

1. Joshua Bilek
2. Christina Fuller
3. Robert Kitchen